CoW Bridgeport, TX – Lone Star Land
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June 4, 2019
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June 12, 2019
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CoW Bridgeport, TX

Stagecoach Capital of Texas

City of the week
Bridgeport, Just past Decatur where west Texas begins; dirt, rock, mesquite trees, and rattlesnakes thrive; the summer heat bears down and there are plenty of old pickup trucks and gravel haulers moving about… My brothers & I spent many summer days roaming the woods and plateaus @ my maternal grandmother’s place; 1br, 1 bath kitchen and a tiny living area nestled on ~3 acres just off a busy road. After avoiding the billy goats and sneaking through the barbed wire fence, we would wander for hours out around the hundreds of acres leading to the rock quarry. Searching for scorpions, snakes and lizards while avoiding cactus- often unsuccessfully- would come back just in time for home cooking and the VonErichs wrastlin on the tiny tv next to the propane heater by the firebox. If you have some time, make the trip to just about 1.5 hours west of Dallas and enjoy some down home flavor and even try the #fishing on Lake Bridgeport. If you love ATVs & dirt they’ve got a great #Off #Road park as well.

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