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CoW; Bug Tussle, TX

Down in southern Fannin County, not far from the Lamar and Delta counties border, just north past the Ladonia Fossil hunting grounds @ the North Sulphur River, is a tiny shack with a fine and peaceful but not so famous history. Not much going on; I suppose it’s been decades -or forever- since the last parade, and not even a traffic light, much less a Dairy Queen to slow you down. Folks say it was the general store, others have told me it was the city hall. Either way, when you mention the town’s name-even to seasoned Texans- you’re sure to get a chuckle and a question….
‘Bug what?”      Bug Tussle, TX; a variety of stories surround the comeuppance of the unconventional nomenclature and I’m yet to find reliable documentation of any. That’s okay, part of the joy of living and breathing Texas is storytelling and nostalgia.

Soon enough there will be the new Lake Ralph Hall nearby, and that may bring some changes to the area and eventually the town may be absorbed into surrounding municipalities. Before then, you should take a drive and get the family photo in front of the old building @ the corner of fm 1550 & Hwy 34; don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Over the next months and perhaps years we @ the #LoneStarLand Realty Group blog will review and peruse the small and not so small towns of the Great State (Nation) of Texas. Also, we will take a gander at some of the counties and general #TexasLife How To’s, Don’t Do’s, Where’s & Why’s related to Texas and the folks that make it special. See you soon & #GodBlessTexas

B.T. Gen Store; photo by Colleen M Carr


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